Hidden Manna Patties

I consider food prepared with the quintessential fatty acid omega-6; hidden manna.  Way back in the 1950s, Johanna Budwig found that in studying blood samples from people with cancer, diabetes, and liver disease they consistently lacked omega-6 essential fatty acids.  The hemp hearts, walnuts, and sesame seeds are all high in omega-6.  Then when you top them off with a tablespoon of hemp seed oil soaked with crushed garlic you have not only the tastiest patties alive but the healthiest.

Recipe ingredients:

         ½ cup chopped portobello mushrooms

         ½ cup chopped walnuts

         ½ cup chopped shallots

         ½ cup of quinoa (pressure cooked)

         3 chopped serrano peppers

         3 eggs

         3 tablespoons hemp hearts

         1 tablespoon black sesame seeds

         ¾ tablespoon salt


         Mix all ingredients well in a big bowel.  Fry as small patties in hemp seed oil over low heat (preferably below 200 degrees).  Makes 12 patties.


         Mix a tablespoon of hemp seed oil with crushed garlic.  Let it sit 15 minutes to activate the allicin.  You can also add balsamic vinegar or other herbs to if you like.