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Hidden Manna Patties

Hidden Manna Patties I consider food prepared with the quintessential fatty acid omega-6; hidden manna.  Way back in the 1950s, Johanna Budwig found that in studying blood samples from people with cancer, diabetes, and liver disease they consistently lacked omega-6 essential fatty acids.  The hemp hearts, walnuts, and sesame seeds are all high in omega-6.  […]

The Power Of The Parent Essential Oils –

The Power Of The Parent Essential Oils – the PEO solution By Professor Brian Scott Peskin What you are about to read may shock you, but the information is not opinion. The hypotheses are based on state-of-the-art medical science. This paper provides the truth about EFAs–essential fatty acids–what they are and what they aren’t. What […]

The Holy Grail of Longevity

Essay on The Holy Grail of Longevity By Donald A. Carroll, Optometric Physician, NTP Introduction This essay should never have had to be written.  I am not a medical doctor, scientist, or professional writer.  I simply wanted to be healed of my infirmities and get my body into a vessel that would support my being.  […]